Diary Entry for 1/1/1972

Got to bed at 2 AM. Nice evening. Sleepy day except for snowmobiles. Jim, Pat and Jolie here for supper. Jolie is so cute and sweet. She had new Christmas swing out here.

Diary Entry for 1/2/1972

Mrs. Hogan 88 today. We went to Sunday School and church. Lots out. Started snowing about 8 AM. Snowed all day. Very wet. We took down tree and decorations and put them away. 35° in evening.

Diary Entry for 1/3/1972

Cleaned house. Marva called to ask me to teach Esther’s class at Released time. got Christmas pictures back. Good. Merrill went to Theresa for furnace door cement. Put some on furnace. Got invitation to shower for W. Graham’s girl friend this Friday.

Diary Entry for 1/4/1972

Bible Study. Good turnout. Good to be back. Got tax notice, $210.72. WSCS at Marguerite. Week of Prayer and Self Denial program. Nice program but only 9 out to it. Marion Schell called to ask us to go to couples club with them.

Diary Entry for 1/5/1972

Sent Ken card, and letter. I taught Released Time class for Esther T, Had 12 girls and boys. I went to Bible Study with Ruth in evening to Parsonage. Very cold in evening, 14° Sent Merrill’s accident insurance, $19.