Diary Entry for 12/1/1971

We went to Theresa. Merrill got overshoes and underwear at Pearls. Merrill put new snow bucket on tractor and tried it out. Works OK. I called the minister about 4-H making paraments. I went to Bible Study with Ruth in evening.

Diary Entry for 12/2/1971

Bobby Eggleston went into ditch out front. Below zero last night. Nice day but cold. We went to city Christmas shopping. Got Jim saw and Vern tools. Got live mum plant yellow, $1.25. Got felt for pulpit covers for 4-H to make. Leona Hall died in Gouverneur hospital at...

Diary Entry for 12/3/1971

4-H Snowmobile lessons. Mary called to say Mrs. Hall died last night. Charlotte Hales here collecting for flowers. Anne Wilmert called twice. I went to Philadelphia for groceries. Merrill has a cold.

Diary Entry for 12/4/1971

Merrill helped Carl Horton put up church signs. Got them all up except ones in front of church. I put up some Christmas lights and decorations. Washed clothes, cleaned house, shampooed my hair and put color rinse on it.

Diary Entry for 12/5/1971

Merrill took tree limbs back to dump Today would have been Uncle Berl and Aunt Mildred’s 53rd anniversary. Pledge Sunday. Merrill’s cold worse. I went to Sunday School and church, Communion. Millicent and I went to Gouverneur funeral home for Leona Hall,. I called Mom...