Diary Entry for 10/1/1971

Sent Brenda birthday card. Baled 2 load of straw. It was combined September 6. Finally got dry enough to bale. A beautiful day. Very warm. Changed living room in evening.

Diary Entry for 10/2/1971

4-H here. Election of officers. All here but Nora, Debby G, Jackie. Merrill stored combine and baler. Corn chopper broke down. Beautiful warm day. Eagle hotel sold at Philadelphia for $7000 to Freddie Hall. Merrill got hair cut at Theresa.

Diary Entry for 10/3/1971

Brenda’s 19th birthday. World Day Communion. We didn’t go to church. Went to Jim’s and then to Mom’s. Jim feeling better. We went to church in evening to see movie. In His Steps. and to Singspiration. Church full even fellowship room.

Diary Entry for 10/4/1971

Sent Marg and Bea cords. Chopper broke again. I washed clothes. Cleaned house. Merrill went to city to get part welded for chopper. Rain and thunder storm in PM.