Diary Entry for 8/1/1971

Vern preaches at Philadelphia and Mills. A wonderful sermon. Merrill went with Vern to Mills. 41 out to church. We had turkey dinner. Aunt Maude and Cheryl here in evening. Cheryl goes back to work in the morning.

Diary Entry for 8/2/1971

Merrill mowed first hay back of ledge. Rained in evening. Mom and I went up to Aunt Maude’s in PM. Took Vern’s Master’s thesis to Mrs. Riley to read.

Diary Entry for 8/3/1971

Raining. Merrill and I mowed lawns. Mom and I went to Dexter and Sackets. Aunt Keitha, Marion, and Jean in NH at Dorts. Had lunch at Jim’s. Stopped at cemeteries. Got letter from Uncle Berl .

Diary Entry for 8/4/1971

Wrote Uncle Berl. We drawed first load of hay back of ledge. Merrill mowed hay. Wrote Uncle Berl note. Sent Lodge check to DDP Neuwrath Pres. Gift. Bought 3 cukes from Hal, 30 cents. Washed my hair in evening.

Diary Entry for 8/5/1971

Sent Cindy birthday card. Merrill mowed and raked hay. We drawed two loads. Mom and I went to Philadelphia for groceries. Aunt Maude called in evening.