Diary Entry for 11/1/1968

Very cold last night 26°. All bombing of North Viet Nam to end today. I went to city for groceries for election supper. I had to go to Grica’s at Adams Center to find large hubbard squash. Got 6 20 lb. turkeys @39¢. Jim and Patty here for supper. Got letter from June....

Diary Entry for 11/2/1968

They brought load of gravel for driveway. Warmer today. Windy. Merrill washed car. I washed clothes. I cooked 8 pounds of cranberries for church supper. Toby and Jim Decker here in PM. Bill and Vi came down for evening. Vi brought my lettuce and juice...

Diary Entry for 11/3/1968

We went to church. Merrill was an usher. Sermons to be on the Bible starting today. Two carloads of Rebekah’s went to Black River funeral home for Esther Taylor’s stepfather. Vi and Zelda went with me. We went to Family Bargain Store after. I broke up bread in evening...

Diary Entry for 11/4/1968

4-H Food lesson at Plaza. Donna H and I went to it. Foods-Lets Explore. Vi rode out and shopped at Fays. I cooked celery and onions for dressing. Took turkeys to Lois and Edna. Merrill worked at barn. They spread second load of gravel in driveway.

Diary Entry for 11/5/1968

Election Day. We voted at 9 AM. We were #107 & 108. I went up to church to work at 12 noon. We had good turn out at election dinner. Made over $200. I had kitchen, Addie dining room, Humphrey and Nixon running neck and neck when I went to bed.