Diary Entry for 8/1/1967

Jim got his new car today. I took him to Trotters in evening for it. Merrill and I baled hay. Toby here in evening. Jim made 3 trips to city and went to Adams Center for car insurance. Made cookies. Sharon Hall started $1.00 club. Fred Kastler 79, Boylston is...

Diary Entry for 8/2/1967

Jim washed his car. I drove it. Drawed 3 loads of hay. Mom called this morning. She isn’t very strong yet. Jim and Merrill went to Philadelphia and Theresa. Merrill mowed last of hay.

Diary Entry for 8/3/1967

Thunder storms during night. Toby’s horse Wendy had her baby colt this afternoon. She brought it to barn at 5 pm. Jim went after Toby to come see his new colt. I washed kitchen curtains and windows. Started pickles in evening.

Diary Entry for 8/4/1967

Jim took his car for belts and flasher. He and I went out to Mom’s. We found Wendy dead in pasture in evening. Several here in evening to help. Halls, Schells, Russell Wilcox, Kenny & Brenda and kids here also. Got letter from Dot.

Diary Entry for 8/5/1967

Vern’s French test in Syracuse. Toby & Jim slept in barn with colt, fed her every hour. We took her to Jim Schells but his mare wouldn’t accept her. Finished haying finally. 2800 bales. Jim, Kenny and Howard went golfing in evening. Kenny here in pm. Jim &...