Diary Entry for 6/1/1967

Very hot day. I went to city in am for groceries. I planted garden. Paynes and Halls here in evening to get wagon box on new wagon. Sent for dresses to Spiegel.

Diary Entry for 6/3/1967

Dairyland parade. Our 4-H had float in it. Went to city at 7 AM. Went to City Park and stopped at Young’s Museum. I took all the kids with me. Leslie and Mother Tryon here while I was at city. Also Toby.

Diary Entry for 6/4/1967

We went to church. Gave $10.00 toward insurance. We ate lunch out doors. Went to Marathon races at Alex Bay. Beautiful day. Esther said at church that our dresses are starting to come into the Globe store.

Diary Entry for 6/5/1967

Sent in three films. Merrill started planting corn. I rode planter. 4 acres. Toby here in evening. His horse follows him to the barn. Donna here to sew. Got 10 foot cow water tank at Agway. $55.00